Welcome to Portmagee Partners, a resource page for our Sales, Media and Support Partners all around the world.

Portmagee Whiskey Range. Portmagee Small Batch Whiskey, Portmagee 9 Whiskey and Portmagee Single Pot Still Whiskey. Barbados Rum Cask Finish. Triple Distilled Irish Whiskey.

As a store, Bar, Hotel, Cruise Line or Restaurant that stocks our Portmagee Whiskey, this is your one stop shop for links and instant access to marketing support materials, imagery, videos, tasting notes and press releases for Portmagee Whiskey. For images go to https://www.portmageewhiskey.com/portmagee-whiskey-image-gallery/.

For detailed information and tasting notes for all Portmagee Whiskeys, see https://www.portmageewhiskey.com/our-whiskeys/.

These links are also available through the main website menu.

If you need any bespoke digital assets or physical support material (shelf talkers etc.)  just email John, James or Stuart at info@portmageewhiskey.com for instant and personal support.

John, James & Stuart at Portmagee

Portmagee Whiskey Founders – Stuart McNamara, James and John Murphy

Let us feature your Portmagee Partner store or venue here on Portmagee Whiskey.com

We would be delighted if you would like to provide us with a short profile of your store so that we can feature you on our Stockist page at https://www.portmageewhiskey.com/portmagee-stockists/.

Please email us Your store name, address, social media links, opening hours and contact information (Phone, email etc).

Please feel free to include a short blurb of 50 to 100 words about you and your team and your involvement with Portmagee Whiskey.

Finally, don’t forget to include a nice feature photo of your store and even better of you or your team in front of the store with a bottle of Portmagee.

Once your feature page here is live, we’ll promote your store from our own Portmagee social media accounts to your home town audience!

For your convenience, we have replicated our interactive stockist map below.

as always, if you need assistance or support just email us.

Sláinte from Portmagee!


John, James and Stuart