Our Future

Distillery Plans

  • Swirl Bullet Icon We have planning permission approved to build a full grain to glass Irish Whiskey Distillery on site that comprises several parts as follows.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon Our native woodlands which are already planted with 5,430 trees will continue to grow and eventually we will develop a nature trail through these woodlands linking it to the village as an amenity available to the community and visitors alike.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon The Distillery building will be housed in a refurbished shed previously used by the Murphy family as a turf and hay shed.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon An Irish Whiskey Tasting bar will be built in the soon to be refurbished Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) barracks which has a wonderful vista overlooking Portmagee harbour and the entrance to the village.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon Captain Magee’s VIP whiskey tasting cabin will be housed in the original basement location of the RIC barracks and will serve only the finest and rarest whiskeys to try.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon A farmhouse style building will become the Tea/Coffee rooms as well as serve as the reception desk, merchandising shop, customer toilets, office and storage space for the centre.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon We will also be constructing a third Geodesic Dome on site that will become a digital archive for the sport of Seine Boat racing as well as provide an interactive cinema space for hosting of events and cultural occasions for the entire Skellig Coast region.
Portmagee Irish Whiskey Tasting
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Portmagee Whiskey is a registered Origin Green member as part of the Bord Bia Sustainability Charter Programme.

Sustainability Approach:

  • Swirl Bullet Icon We will ensure that all our suppliers are working with the Origin Green program in ensuring that they are working towards sustainability in their processes and products.
  • Swirl Bullet Icon As our company grows and develops the ability to produce our whiskey in house, we will ensure that our processes and products are developed in an environmentally conscious manner also.
Portmagee Village

Sustainability Methods and Practices:

  • Source raw materials to produce whiskey from crops by local farmers.
  • Promote an active tree planting regime in order to replenish what has been cut down in the production of the casks.
  • Develop an energy efficient distillery and whiskey experience using the principles of passive building design whilst simultaneously maximising the use of new technology to streamline processes and reduce waste.
  • Ensure the maximum amount of viable renewable energy is captured through the use of PV, water, wind and further clean energy technologies.
  • Design a rainwater capture system as part of our future distillery.
  • Source and pipe a clean new well as a water source and ensure maximum efficiencies of system design to limit unnecessary water wastage.
  • Implement a smart metering system for electricity, water and other energy sources and incorporate a building management system for the future distillery and whiskey experience.
Portmagee Pot Still

Our Sustainability Targets Include:

  • Development of solar PV energy source for Portmagee Whiskey experience.
  • Development of a rainwater collection system to meet Portmagee Whiskey experience requirements.
  • Waste prevention planning for Portmagee Whiskey experience to remove and prevent wasteful habits and procedures even beginning.
  • Development of river woodland walk in Portmagee.
  • Development of an eco-friendly bee colony and pollinator habitats in Portmagee.
  • Community Engagement
  • Direct sponsorship and promotion of the annual Portmagee Regatta and Seine Boat racing as a sport in general.
Portmagee Village

Portmagee In The Future

Portmagee Whiskey’s plans don’t end with the completion of our distillery experience and visitor centre. Join our newsletter and learn about our future ambitions and projects that we hope to bring to life as we continue to invest in our wonderful village's future.

Meet the Crewmembers

Meet our crewmembers who makes Portmagee so special

John Murphy At Portmagee Visitor Center

John “Barrack” Murphy

John “Barrack” Murphy - An Irish Army Officer and Engineer, John is an adventurer by nature and has traveled all over the world with work, for pleasure and to take part in various adventure and endurance races. He is also a keen rower and looks forward to taking part in the traditional Seine Boat season every year. He is determined to develop the long term plans of Portmagee Whiskey and set the conditions for the next six generations of “Barrack” Murphy’s to be able to call Portmagee their home.

James Murphy At Bar

James “Barrack” Murphy

The creative mind of the team after spending over a decade running a video production company called ‘Bold Puppy’ and with a wealth of video production, editing and graphic design experience behind him. James is excited to be able to tell the stories that make Portmagee such a special place to live in and raise his family. Combining this storytelling with such an enjoyable procut as premium Irish whiskey seemed to just be the dream come through and all happening within his own backyard on top of Barrack Hill.

Meet the Makers - John, Stuart & James

Stuart McNamara

Stuart is retired senior Irish Military Officer with a professional background in Marine Operations, Training and Tourism. An award winning international whiskey blogger, he is the owner editor of WhiskeyBlogger.com and the creator of International Irish Whiskey Day celebrated on 3rd March each year. Through his industry network, Stuart has brought a wealth of personal Whiskey knowledge and industry contacts to develop and secure Portmagee Whiskey’s place on the map of Irish Whiskeys.

Our Ethos

Explore Portmagee's core values, ethics, services, principles, and service to the community.

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For one another, our history, our community and our environment.

Loyalty Vector Icon


To each other and to Portmagee as a village community.

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To do the right thing always, even when it is hard to do it.

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To create and promote opportunities for adventure for people to enjoy.

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To provide opportunities and support to our community so that it may thrive into the future.

Portmagee 9 Year Old Irish Whiskey with bottel
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