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In the course of researching the history of Captain Theobald Magee, his family and their families, friends and contacts, we have unearthed a fascinating cast of characters from all walks of life including Politicians, Smugglers,  diplomats and Spies to Soldiers, Sailors, Lords and Bishops.

The geo-political influence of Captain Theobald Magee, his Family, Friends and contacts ranges from Kerry and Ireland, to France, Spain, Portugal, The Azores, The Canary Islands and Caribbean and even to the Americas.

Theobald Magee with his Irish-Scottish parents and ancestry and his family are deeply linked and interwoven with the Jacobite cause, from the Battle of the Boyne and before to the Wild Geese in France, Spain and wider Europe and the world.

One little village links all these people and all these places around the world. That place is the secluded little natural harbour hidden between the hills of the Iveragh Peninsula and Valentia Island. This was the Port of Magee the smugglers which became know in Theobald Magee’s own life time as Port Macghee and is now known by us as Portmagee.

This database of characters is an evolving labour of love which I add to as my free time and research resources allow. Bear with me as it develops and do feel free at any time to suggest corrections, tweaks or suggestions.

Whenever possible I use the name spellings that the people themselves used in their lifetimes. Therefore Captain Theobald Macghee of Portmaghee and his son Toby Maghee of Port Maghee. Theobald’s Great grandfather in Scotland spelt his name Mckie!

Use the search form below to search for characters. Each one has a personal file containing interesting facts about their lives, loves and adventures. Profiles will also contain images and links to original documents such as wills, marriage records and even original  personal letters we have found in their own writing. I have also included maps and images of people and places to add colour to the profiles.

At the moment, the database view on this page is organised in alphabetical order of Christian names. This is a shortcoming of the software I am using. I hope to present the profiles in order of surnames in the near future.

Stuart McNamara

Portmagee Whiskey.