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Each bottle of Portmagee Whiskey is a brand ambassador for our beautiful village. With each expression we tell a little more of the story of Portmagee from our smuggling origins to our love of Seine Boat racing. We hope that you will equally enjoy our whiskeys in whatever part of the world you find yourself savouring the smooth Barbados Rum cask finished whiskeys.

To all our Skellig Coast friends and family that find themselves spread to the four corners of the world, we hope seeing a bottle of Portmagee on the shelf at a bar or a friends house serves as a lovely reminder for you, of your home beside the sea that will always keep a warm welcome for you no matter the years that have passed.

Portmagee Small Batch Whiskey

PORTMAGEE Small Batch Whiskey is a whiskey of depth and character; a crafted blending of Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskeys, Single Cask finished in hand selected Barbados Rum casks and bottled at 40% ABV. It is Irish - through and through. Portmagee Small Batch Whiskey is released in very small batches, delivering true pleasure in every golden sip. Our heritage honours the original Seine Boat Fishing Families of Portmagee’s Wild Atlantic Seaboard and the smuggling voyages to Barbados and beyond of Jacobean Smuggler Captain Theobald Magee, the founder of our village. It is a true Spirit of the Sea.

Portmagee 9

PORTMAGEE 9 is the whiskey that started our Portmagee brand in 2018 as the first ever cask of Portmagee whiskey we blended, finished and bottled.

Portmagee 9 is a blend of nine year old single grain whiskey and thirteen year old single malt whiskey which is single cask married and finished in a Barbados Rum cask. These casks are similar to the rum casks that Captain Magee the 1700's Jacobean smuggler who founded Portmagee, would have smuggled into Portmagee between 1691 and 1727. Once emptied in Portmagee harbour, these same casks would have been used to smuggle Portmagee made spirits such as Poitín and whiskey back out of Ireland for delivery to France, Spain and Portugal.

Portmagee 9 is released several times a year as an exclusive single cask at 40% ABV, each bottle individually hand numbered.

Portmagee Single Pot Still

PORTMAGEE SINGLE POT STILL is triple  distilled from a mash bill that includes both malted and unmalted barley, matured in Bourbon Oak Casks and finished in Barbados Rum Casks, under the supervision of our head of whiskey Stuart McNamara.  It is bottled just a few times a year as an exclusive single cask release at 40% ABV. It has a luscious creamy mouth feel with a tingle of hot spicy pimento berries, root ginger, dark sugar and toffee apple.

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