Theobald MacGhee

Captain Theobald Magee Portmagee Whiskey

Personal Information

Theobald MacGhee
Born abt 1655 Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland
Gender ♂️ Male
Died 1727 Dominican Irish College Lisbon, Portugal
Captain Theobald Macghee was the founder of Port Macghee now known as Portmagee.

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Parents ( 1 )

George Maghee
Mother Helena
Married 1648 Ireland
Siblings ♂️ David Maghee
♀️ Plerthy MacGhee
♂️ George MacGhee Apothacary
♂️ John MacGhee
♂️ James MacGhee M.D.
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Spouses ( 1 )

Bridget Crosbie
Married 16 Oct 1693 Ireland
Children ♂️ David Maghee
♂️ George Macghee
♀️ Bridget Macghee
♂️ Toby Theobald Maghee
♀️ Martha MacGhee


abt 1655
Birth Entering into life.

📍 Strabane, Tyrone, Ireland

Will A legal document treated as an event, by which a person disposes of his or her estate. It takes effect after death. The event date is the date the will was signed while the person was alive. ( See also PROB )

📍 Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Probate Judicial determination of the validity of a will. It may indicate several related court activities over several dates.

📍 Ireland

Death Mortal life terminates.

📍 Dominican Irish College Lisbon, Portugal