For the last two or three years since 2021, I have been researching the incredible story that rests within the immediate and wider family tree and network of Captain Theobald Macghee, the Jacobean Soldier, Sailor and Spirits Smuggler who founded Portmagee Village in the 1690’s.

My main research on the genealogical research platform  family tree has been carried out on the The official “Master Copy” family tree I have developed may be viewed at this link Captain Theobald Macghee Family Tree on There, you can view an individual profile page for each family member along with some fascinating scanned copies of wills, marriage / birth certificates and other original historic documents.

Theobald Magee Family Tree Portmagee Whiskey

Screenshot of Captain Theobald Magee’s Family Tree on

As it is not possible at present to embed the master-copy family tree on this website, I have created a simpler version of the family tree (below) as an overview. You will have to register on with an email or Gmail address to create a free viewing account before you can view the Master Copy Family Tree.

Check out the other online resources here for researching the Portmagee branch of the Magee / Macghee Clan, including our profile pages for each member of the family tree and also our list of research resources and research partners who have given tremendous support to this project.

As always, please contact myself, John or James at any time with wour questions and suggestions.

Kind regards,

Stuart McNamara

Portmagee Whiskey

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